Posted January 04, 2021

SAN-BIN is "Electronic and Electrical Waste Collection Bin", specially useful or electronic and electrical product manufacturers/ producers, those need to set up ‘E-Waste Collection Centers’ in cities; Office & Business Hubs and Green Buildings those keen to set up an "organised E-Waste Collection System and Recycling System” in their Business Hub/ Building/ Offices.

SAN-BIN is a significant value addition for Electronic and Electrical product Producers/ Offices/ Business Hubs/ Malls / Industry Clusters/ Green Building / Municipalities and more. SAN-BIN is customizable to match the interiors of your Green Buildings and Business Hubs. 

SAN-BIN is made with wood / MDF/ SS and available in following Sizes:

1. 4X 5 feet  

2. 3 X4 Feet 

3. 2 X 4 feet 

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NOTE:  i) Payment in advance, confirm the booking. 

ii) SAN-BIN is non-returnable, will be delivered by courier to the address given by the client.