Sanshodhan is a global company headquartered in Hyderabad, India, and has partners in Europe, the US and Australia. It is a world-class consulting service provider for conglomerates and multinational companies interested in adopting innovative models for integrating the circular economy and the environment, social, governance (ESG). 

Sanshodhan's innovation has attracted the worldwide attention of leading organizations such as the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, Silicon Valley, USA; Climate-KIC Europe; Circular Conversations, Netherlands; GGKP; IISD; RECP-Net, UNIDO, Europe, and many others. Sanshodhan is the only small Indian company within the Apex working groups of the Basel-Rotterdam-Stockholm Conventions (BRS).


Currently, large Industries, bulk consumers of Electronics & Electrical Equipments (EEE), EEE producers, Municipal Corporations, FMCG Companies, Hotels, SMEs, Industry clusters, Organizations, and residential societies are facing multi-level challenges in managing their e-waste. 

The EEE sector industry is intensely searching for experts and exploring the support to solve several challenges EEE Sector; Like - ‘circular design challenges’, 'support for extended producer responsibility (EPR) compliance’, ‘connecting with recyclers’, ‘auditing their recyclers’, ‘due diligence for policy compliance’, ’support for the implementation of circular economy and ‘ESG impact analysis and reporting and more.  

Sanshodhan’s Circular Electronics Alliance (CEA) is developed to solve above stated challenges. To join the CEA, submit your expression of interest (EOI) on CEA@e-WasteExchange.com. Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/CircularElectr1.


Enable the ecosystem for implementation of circular economy, for sustainable development of electronic and electrical equipment  (EEE) sector. 

ALLIANCE act for

    • Support EEE Industry to implement life-cycle approach, cradle-to-cradle approach for their products / at their manufacturing units
    • Support EEE producers/ manufacturers for EPR Compliance, with circularity at its core,
    • Connect Bulk Consumers, Municipalities, Smart City administration with Government-authorized recyclers,
    • Design for Environment, 
    • Capacity Building, Training & Webinars, 
    • Implementation of large scale, high impact Awareness Campaigns,
    • Collaborate with EEE industry, to enable Sustainable Development,
    • Annual Event for Electronic & Electrical Equipment (EEE) Sector Industries 

        MEMBERSHIP Types & Fee

          • Platinum 
          • Gold
          • Silver

              *INFO.:Membership for CEA starts from INR25k per annum (Silver Membership).

              Benefits @Platinum Members

              • Connect with Circular Economy Experts, Recyclers & more to enable implementation of circular economy 
              • Connect for e-waste, plastic, automobile to increase the material flow to your recycling unit
              • Free Invite as Speaker in (3) webinar/training 
              • Participate in all discussion forum
              • Book space in the quarterly newsletter, which will be circulated at the international level
              • A FREE Awareness Campaign (one month), for member companies.

              Benefits @Gold Members

              • Connect with Circular economy experts, Recyclers & more 
              • Free Invite as Speaker in (2) webinar/training
              • Participate in all discussion forum

              Benefits @Silver Members

              • Be a speaker in selected (1) webinar/ trainings
              • Participate in all discussion forum

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